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First step is the hardest.....

Every journey begins with a first step, and many subsequent steps afterwards. My venture into the online world has felt more like a great whopping jump, never mind a step, but here I am!

Professionally, I'm confident, opinionated, and some may say....assertive.

But personally, I'm shy, a bit introspective, and a complete moron in front of a camera.

Building a website alone, with tech skills that out-date my video collection, has been educational, terrifying, and exciting in equal measure. There have been tantrums and many threats to launch a device out the window. So, be kind in your perusal, and please point out any bloopers you think i need to address. I'm sure I've planted a few intentionally, and there is a Terrys' Chocolate Orange for the person who spots the most.

Well, there was. I need to replace it.....

This is the first entry in what I hope will be an entertaining, supportive and informative Blog, to help reach out to those of you who are looking for a realistic and light hearted approach to looking after yourself. We've all got an interesting time ahead of us imminently, with unknown stresses and challenges, but I pride myself in providing a service that can support you through to clearer skies. Come practice some yoga with me, move your body and remember to breathe, or let me support your training from home efforts, with modifications to suit YOU. YouTube HIIT videos and Home PE sessions are not suitable for everyone.....

I like to look at your situation from a whole, and help you address better wellbeing from a complete viewpoint, sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress levels.

If that sounds good, and I've not lost you in the abyss of cyberspace, please make contact, or if you'd like to gift a loved one some Health Coaching, I have the perfect Christmas gift of vouchers to suit all budgets.

This was meant to be a Blog post. Not an advert. But there we go-It's a work in progress!

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